WorldExplainer: 50 years ago Israel occupied the Golan Heights of Syria, now...

Explainer: 50 years ago Israel occupied the Golan Heights of Syria, now Jewish settlements are increasing in the area

Israel’s Golan Heights area, which you can also call the Golan Hills area. This area of ​​Israel once belonged to Syria, but after the ‘famous’ war of 1967 between Israel and Arab countries, this area was occupied by Israel. In this war that lasted for six days, Israel not only gave a crushing defeat to many Arab countries but changed the map of the world by capturing their major areas. This included areas such as Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Golan Heights is in discussion these days because Israel is going to spend more than $ 317 million, or about 23 billion 75 crore rupees on this area.

The Israeli government has set a goal of doubling the population of Jews living in the Golan Heights, with 7300 new homes to be built in the area over the next five years. The cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has approved the proposal. Even after 54 years, this area remains a frequent dispute between Israel and Syria. But the government has decided that 23,000 new Jews will be settled here and 1 billion Israeli shekels will be spent to settle them here.
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Why is Israel flowing like water in the Golan?
Israel wants to promote investment and tourism in the country by developing this area, but this is only a small reason. In fact, Israel wants to strengthen its claim on the Golan Heights by doing construction work in this area. More than 50 years after the occupation, the world still refers to the Golan Heights as ‘Israeli Occupied Territory’. Only the US officially recognizes it as Israeli territory. In such a situation, it is very important for Israel to increase the population of its ‘people’ here.

Why is the Golan Heights area so important?
Damascus, the capital of Syria, is just 60 km from the Golan. It can be clearly seen from the high hills, which benefits Israel. The yield of crops in the Golan is higher than in the rest of the region. The rain water that falls here meets the needs of a large population of Israel. The region is strategically and politically important to Israel and Syria due to its geographical location. One reason could be that Israel also wants to increase the population of Jews in this area because there are also about 20,000 Syrians living here.
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Peace talks about the area never succeeded
Israel keeps an eye on Syria from the hills of the Golan, while the Golan from the Syrian side acts like a strong wall for Israel. From time to time the dispute between the two countries regarding this area keeps raising its head. In 2003, the then Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that he would start peace talks with Israel, according to a BBC report. Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak had also offered to return parts of the Golan. But Syria was demanding the whole of the Golan region. So there was no discussion on any issue.

Syria often fires bullets on the Golan
According to the report, if this area goes back to Syria, then there will be a crisis of displacement for the Jews living here, although this is only a hypothesis. In 2008, there were unsuccessful attempts to negotiate the Golan between the two countries, but by 2009, things changed completely and the scope of talks was over. The US also made efforts to reconcile the two countries, but the Syrian civil war also ended the prospects of talks in the future. Intermittent showers are often made in the Golan from the Syrian side, to which Israel continues to respond.
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