SportsEven Maracana celebrated Messi's success

Even Maracana celebrated Messi’s success

Argentina took Maracana and Messi was finally able to lift the Copa América. The Rosario already has a title with the Albiceleste after a very stuck and tricked final, at times even wild, impossible for the faint-hearted Brazil. The Canarinha She tiptoed through the game, scared by Argentina’s competitiveness and surprised by the complicity of some of her fans with Messi and Argentina. At times it seemed that Brazil did not care if the Albiceleste won. The game seemed designed for the success of Messi’s selection. His was in any case a fair and worthwhile victory because it put more interest and made sure that nothing happened in the match since Di María scored.

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Legend assures that Argentina never lost when Di María scored. The team defended the goal in a guild and passionate way until singing a victory that had not occurred since 1993. Messi had already tired of losing finals, up to four times defeated, a very painful one precisely in Maracana when he lost the World Cup final 2014 against Germany. On the 10th he played neither well nor badly, but it seemed that he had prepared himself only to lift the Cup. The end justified the means after no longer any Argentine doubted his link with the Albiceleste. Messi stopped being a cold chest and also the player who owed Argentina a trophy to be one more Scaloni Templar.

Argentina played very to the limit, as if his life depended on each divided ball, aware that he was in front of the game for so long awaited and worked with Messi’s captaincy, much more involved than Brazil, a spectator in Maracana. Otamendi hit without stopping to mark the line, De Paul governed, Messi stretched when he could to the team and Di María unbalanced from the side poorly defended by Lodi. Aggression mixed with verticality as noted in the skillful Di María’s goal: De Paul deepened with a cross and oriented pass to Di María, Lodi missed and the former Madrid player controlled the ball precisely and punched it with his left foot over Ederson’s half-out.

The indefiniteness of Brazil, always halfway, without knowing whether to defend or attack, contrasted with the courage of the Albiceleste. Scaloni knew how to cover the passing line of the Canarinha and disconnect Neymar from Paquetá. Neymar wandered the court with his shorts torn, dodging kicks, while Messi dosed his efforts, sharpened in the transition, aware that he could seal the victory in one against after Di María’s goal. Very slow and without depth, the Canarinha He only woke up when Tite began to move the bench and Neymar lit up at times. Although it did not shamelessly back down, Argentina had to shrink and entrust its success to Draw Martinez.

The best chance was, however, Messi, as it already happened in the first half, after a prodigious pass from De Paul, the player in the final, leader of the Albiceleste. The man from Rosario was defeated at the moment of the shot, he lay down when he tried to cut back, shaken by the effort, nervous because he caressed the dreamed Cup the year Maradona died. Although he was not fine in the last game, as it already happened in the 2014 World Cup final, Messi was supported by his teammates, the undisputed leader of the team during the tournament, comfortable on and off the field due to the environment that has been generated around him in the Albiceleste. Messi did not stop jumping for joy and Neymar did not stop crying.

Neymar had never lost in Maracana and Messi had never won a Cup with Argentina since his frustrated debut – he was sent off at 43 seconds – in August 2005 in Hungary. The two were fused in a long embrace as an epilogue to a final that will allow the freed Messi to calmly negotiate his future after his contract with Barça ended on June 30. Messi did not leave the field until he had embraced the last Maracana fan. It seemed to everyone that Messi deserved to finally lift a Cup with the Albiceleste at 34 years old after triumphing at Barcelona. The 10 crowns his unique career as the best player in the world with his Maracanazo.

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