WorldEU Commission imposes 'monopoly' fine on VW and BMW

EU Commission imposes ‘monopoly’ fine on VW and BMW

In the statement made by the EU Commission, it was noted that VW Group was fined 502 million 362 thousand euros and BMW was fined 372 million 827 thousand euros.

Another German automotive company, Daimler, escaped a €727m fine for revealing the group’s existence, despite being part of the monopoly attempt, the statement said.

In the statement, it was reminded that all companies, including Audi and Porsche, which are part of the VW Group, accepted that they were within the scope of the cartel and agreed to resolve the issue.

In the statement of the EU Commission, it was noted that the car companies in question deliberately limited the cleaning of exhaust emissions in 2006-2014, colluding to delay the introduction of cleaner technologies.

Reminding that Volkswagen has had to pay fines and compensation of more than 32 billion euros regarding the diesel emission scandal, it was noted that with the final decision of the commission, a new era was opened on the legal ground, and for the first time, technical cooperation was evaluated as a violation of anti-monopoly rules.

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