WorldEstablishment of 11th state in Ethiopia

Establishment of 11th state in Ethiopia

Ethiopia The Election Commission announced that in the referendum held on September 30, 1 million 221 thousand out of 1,262 thousand voters voted for the establishment of a new state.

With the approval of the results in the Bundestag, the upper house of the parliament, the 11th state in the country will be established.

Residents of Dawro, Bench Sheka, South Omo, Kafa, Konta and Sheko participated in the referendum.

Last year, the people of Sidama in the south gained their own state with a referendum.

Consisting of 10 ethnically based states and special city governments such as Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, the country has more than 80 ethnic groups.

Among the different ethnic groups in the south, there are close to 10 different nationalities who want to establish their own state.

The provinces in the country have autonomy and their own assemblies.

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