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Erik sings live for the first time ‘Tenderly I come’, instructing the cute choreography

Right on time, on the evening of August 30, 2021, Erik released me MV I come easily. This product is praised as the cutest MV of the male singer’s career because the color, shape, and lyrics exude sweetness and comfort.
Erik revealed that the MV at this time, although there are not many opportunities to perform in public, is a gift to encourage the audience to overcome difficult times. The male singer also hopes that the song will bring fresh colors in the music picture drawn by the male singer himself after many years of singing. “Erik just wants people to think about his music not only when he is sad, lonely or brokenhearted, but also when he is happy and happy. It’s also what keeps Erik motivated to renew himself and his music every day.”
Besides, the choreography is also the highlight of this MV. During the livestream with Newspaper Youth, Erik guided the audience to perform the choreography of the MV. For details, please watch the video.