EntertainmentErik identifies the strongest opponent, competes for the title of 'The Heroes'

Erik identifies the strongest opponent, competes for the title of ‘The Heroes’

Among the outstanding singers born in 1997 such as Hien Ho, Quan AP, Jack, JSol … Erik is considered the name that made the earliest mark and pocketed many impressive hits after 5 years of singing. The guy who used to resonate with Afterall in 2016. Then it was a series of hits like Is it not forever, Jealous, Touching the bottom, I’m not wrong, we’re wrong… helped Erik become one of the young singers who pocketed the most hits of Vietnamese showbiz.

One of Erik’s impressive performances at The Heroes 2021

With those achievements, Erik’s participation The Heroes caused many questions in the audience. Many people think that Erik is at the stage where “just making music and creating hits” is enough to warm up his name. However, the male singer affirmed that The Heroes is the right decision of 2021, this is an opportunity for him to get rid of the “voice that can only sing ballads”.
Erik identifies the strongest opponent, competing for the title of 'The Heroes' - photo 2
Besides, the youngest member of the “hibiscus flower” family also thinks that he is not subjective at the playground The Heroes, because this is a contest that brings together outstanding names, with strong charisma such as Cara, Quan AP, Orange… There is even a name that makes him constantly surprised by his creativity and ability to “nothing”. must be medium”. Who is this character that makes Erik think that this is the candidate to compete with the champion of The Heroes 2021. Details please follow the video!


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