WorldErdogan's book "A fairer world is possible" was published

Erdogan’s book “A fairer world is possible” was published

On Monday, September 6, the presentation of the book by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan entitled “A fairer world is possible” (Daha Adil Dünya Mümkün) will take place.

In the book, the head of state describes in detail Turkey’s efforts to ensure justice for all mankind.

In his work, the Turkish leader pointed out the dilemmas of global politics, in particular, injustice, the migration crisis, international terrorism and the problem of Islamophobia, and disclosed discrimination and double standards in the world on the example of the UN.

The author of the book drew attention to such UN issues as legitimacy, capacity, efficiency, inclusiveness, representation and governance.

The Turkish President stresses the need for fundamental reform of the UN Security Council.

The head of the Turkish state through the work makes a message that “in the world where children die and where they are killed, there are no innocent people.”

In addition, Erdogan believes that justice is what the modern world community needs most.

“Unfortunately, the institutions responsible for establishing global justice operate out of inertia,” the book says.

According to the Turkish leader, in an age when mercy is lost, politicians are obliged to ensure justice and become a voice of conscience.

Turkey will continue to call for UN reform, guided by the idea that “the world is more than five”, until the establishment of a system in which the power belongs to the one who is right, and not vice versa – the one who is strong is right, the author of the work stresses.

Erdogan points out the impossibility of solving the problems of our time by means of institutions formed in accordance with the requirements of the past.

Moreover, it is obvious that these institutions create new problems, the Turkish head of state claims.

“In our understanding, it is justice that will ensure the world order, the salvation of the world and its happiness. What is needed is a global order that will provide confidence and hope for a more just world, ”reads the book.

All proceeds from the book, published by Turkuvaz Kitap and translated into languages ​​such as English, Arabic, German, French, Russian and Spanish, will be donated to the Turkish Government’s Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).

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