WorldErdogan: We will achieve full independence in the defense industry

Erdogan: We will achieve full independence in the defense industry

AA / Ankara

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey is aiming for full independence in the defense industry.

Erdogan spoke Thursday on the occasion of the inauguration of a service hangar for the maintenance of A400M FASBAT planes in the city of Kayseri.

“We will continue to increase our investments to make our country completely independent in matters of defense industry” launched the Turkish leader before recalling the prices paid previously because of the dependence abroad as regards ammunition.

He later lambasted the military support given by countries considered to be allies of Turkey to the YPG / PYD terrorists who occupy northern Syria and pose a threat to the security of its borders.

“Thousands of trucks and weapons planes have been delivered to terrorists in Syria under the pretext of fighting Daesh,” he insisted.

Erdogan regretted that weapons that some countries refuse to supply to Turkey end up in the hands of terrorists in northern Syria.

“We are determined to overcome all the injustices we face in the defense of the Fatherland,” he said.

And Erdogan to add:

“Our so-called friends have done everything to weaken us during our cross-border operations carried out to ensure the safety of our citizens”

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