WorldErdogan: Turkey has left energy challenges behind

Erdogan: Turkey has left energy challenges behind

AA / Ankara

“Turkey has left behind the difficulties on the energy plan. When we extract the natural gas in the Black Sea, I will announce the good news, but for the moment still a little patience”, insisted the head of state Turkish, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan answered questions from journalists at the presidential palace in Ankara on Wednesday before the delivery of the letter of credentials by the new Ukrainian ambassador, Vasyl Bodnar.

He recalled that throughout the 19 years of the exercise of power, successive AKParti governments have never ceased to develop the country in all areas and that this same will remains as strong as ever.

“As you can see, we travel across continents. I have traveled to 51 or 52 countries in Africa, Latin America, the United States too, I have traveled there several times,” he said. he clarified to support his remarks.

Asked about the energy supply difficulties faced by many countries, Erdogan said:

“Turkey has left the energy challenges behind. When we extract natural gas from the Black Sea, I will deliver the good news, but for now, a little patience.”

And the latter to ensure that the exploitation of natural gas (from the Black Sea) will benefit both the State and the citizens.

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