WorldErdogan calls on Turkish states for better cooperation on climate change

Erdogan calls on Turkish states for better cooperation on climate change

AA / Istanbul

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the countries of the Organization of Turkish States for better cooperation on climate change.

The Head of State delivered a speech at the 8th Summit of the Leaders of the Turkish Council, organized on Friday on the Island of Democracy and Freedoms in Istanbul.

He announced that the name of the Turkic Council is changed to “Organization of Turkic States”.

“This must be concretized by changes in the structure of the secretariat,” he said.

Erdogan emphasized the need for better cooperation in many areas, including climate change.

“We must start joint projects in the field of green growth,” said the Turkish President. Thus, Turkey proposes to create the Civil Protection Mechanism of the Organization of Turkish States to act together in the face of natural disasters. efforts to strengthen multilateral cooperation, during our rotating presidency, on climate change. “

Erdogan also insisted that Turkey is determined “to continue to fight against all types of terrorism, especially against the PKK-YPG, Daesh and FETO”.

“As Turkic states, we must strengthen our cooperation in this area as well,” he said. In addition, we must fight together against the destructive tendencies of our era, including Islamophobia and xenophobia. , moreover, to be the pioneers of the digital transition. We must make common strategic plans, putting the human being at the center. “

The President underlined that the Turkish Cypriots are the indispensable members of the Turkish world.

“I am counting on your support for the easing of the isolation and the embargo suffered by the Turkish Cypriots, he continued. We wish to see among us the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. [à l’Organisation turcique]. “

The President announced that TEKNOFEST, “successfully organized for 4 years in Turkey”, will be organized in 2022 in Azerbaijan.

Erdogan concluded by thanking all member states for their efforts in preparing the Turkic World Vision 2040, which will be adopted at the current summit.

“This document will reflect our determination to ensure peace, calm and prosperity not only in the Member States of our Organization, but also in our entire region,” he concluded.

* Translated from Turkish by Nur Asena Ertürk

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