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Erdogan: Ankara will continue to make efforts for the early stabilization of Afghanistan

Ankara and Islamabad are united in their commitment to pushing defense industry partnerships to higher levels. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this at the ceremony of launching the first corvette MİLGEM and cutting sheet metal for the first naval patrol ship for the Pakistani Navy.

According to him, Turkey is a country that, as it develops and strengthens, is glad to share every new opportunity it has acquired with friendly and fraternal countries.

The head of state drew attention to the achievements of Turkey in the field of the defense industry.

He noted that in the next 4-5 years, a number of projects will be completed, thanks to which Turkey will become the world leader in the defense industry.

Turkey has achieved a reduction in import dependence in the defense industry from 80% to less than 20%, the president stressed.

Further, the Turkish leader drew attention to the significance of Islamabad’s efforts to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan has a vital mission to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan, where the situation has escalated recently. Only in this way can we allay fears that growing instability will trigger a new wave of migration from Afghanistan. Turkey is faced with a flow of Afghan migrants through Iran. We will continue to make every effort to stabilize the situation in the region and Afghanistan as soon as possible, ”the head of state assured.

During his speech, President Erdogan also expressed condolences over the death of Turkish and Russian citizens of the Russian Be-200 amphibious aircraft that crashed in Kahramanmaras the day before.

In turn, Pakistani President Alvi said that Islamabad supports the brotherly people – the Turkish Cypriots in the TRNC.

“We can have different cultures and languages. But we are one people, ”the president stressed.

Pakistan signed an agreement with Turkey for the production of the 4th MİLGEM corvette in 2018. The first corvette MİLGEM is planned to be transferred to the Pakistani Navy in 2023.

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