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Environmentalists in Europe took to the streets to draw attention to climate change

The demonstrations held 2 days before the general elections to be held on September 26 in Germany drew attention to climate change.

Thousands of people, mostly students, gathered in front of the Bundestag for the demonstration organized by the “Fridays for Future” organization in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

The demonstrators, including Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, then marched through Unter Linden and Friedrich streets to the front of the prime minister’s office.

The demonstrators, carrying banners that read “Struggle for climate justice”, chanted “We are here. Our voices are loud because you are stealing our future” and “We want climate justice now”.

The banners carried by the demonstrators pointed out that the global temperature will rise by more than 1.5 degrees in a short time, and politicians were asked to take urgent measures.

Marita Albrecht, who came to Berlin on vacation, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, asking for action against climate change, “I think that if we do not act actively and decisively now, humanity will end. If we do not do something now, we cannot stop the consequences of this in 30-40 years.” said.

Student Ella also called on politicians to fight climate change, saying, “We want the 1.5 degree target to be respected and a future for us. Politicians need to give up coal production faster, and speed limits for vehicles would also be good.” used his statements.

Student Mustafa also demanded that the date of termination of coal production be brought forward, “I want future generations to lead a normal life.” he said.

Elisa, who participated in the demonstration, called on the politicians, “Let them take action instead of waiting for new ideas to come. Coal production should be ended now, not in 2038.” said.

Hanna, one of the demonstrators, said, “I am here to end coal production faster. Instead of putting hope in new technologies, something needs to be done now. We are signaling from here to do something.” used his statements.

Extensive security measures were put in place during the demonstration.

Similar demonstrations were held in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Freiburg.


20 thousand environmentalists protest in Austria

More than 20 thousand environmentalists demonstrated in Vienna, the capital of Austria, to draw attention to climate change, global warming and reduction of carbon emissions.

The demonstrators gathered in the second district of the capital, closed the city’s important streets to traffic and marched up to Helden Platz.

The demonstrators who participated in the 6th global climate protest organized by the “Fridays For Future” movement carried banners with the words “Save the planet”, “Global justice for the climate” and “There is no other planet”.

In addition to global climate problems such as environmental pollution, the protesters, who also held a sit-in to stop the construction of a tunnel and highway in Vienna, called for the Vienna state government to end the construction in question.


Reaction to politicians

In the speeches made here, it was pointed out that politicians did not take the necessary steps on global issues such as protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions in the fight against climate change.

The speakers, who reacted especially to the government formed by the centre-right Austrian People’s Party and the Green Party led by Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, stated that Austria, which signed the Paris Climate Agreement, did not take the necessary steps in this direction.

The speakers, who also reacted to the Green Party, the junior partner of the government, argued that the party, which increased its vote rate significantly with its environmentalist rhetoric before the election, did not keep its promises after becoming a government partner.

Climate policies of governments protested in Czechia

In Prague, the capital of Czechia, many students and climate activists protested the governments’ climate policies as part of the “Fridays For Future” actions.

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