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Entry rules relaxed in Abu Dhabi, know which strategy helped fight the virus in a year

Earlier, it was necessary to have a negative PCR test for entry into the UAE capital from other parts of the emirate.

New Delhi. Abu Dhabi on Saturday abolished the mandatory corona test for people coming from different parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi made this announcement on Saturday. During this it was said that people coming from six other emirates of the UAE can enter the capital without screening from Sunday.

According to media reports, till now the PCR test was required to be negative for entry into the UAE capital from other parts of the emirate. Earlier this month, Abu Dhabi did away with the need to quarantine people coming from abroad who had been vaccinated for COVID-19.

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Significantly, the economy of Abu Dhabi is largely dependent on oil. Abu Dhabi banned travel for several months due to the Corona Pandemic. At the same time, its neighbor Dubai had rapidly allowed tourists to come here. However, Abu Dhabi has made it mandatory for some areas to show the vaccination certificate for entry.

Abu Dhabi has taken this decision after reducing the positivity rate to 0.2 percent. This means that now only 0.2 people are reporting positive after conducting a corona test of a hundred people. The biggest impact of Abu Dhabi’s travel ban was on people traveling daily from Abu Dhabi to Dubai for work. The Indian community lives in large numbers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Apart from this, Abu Dhabi has also done away with the need for wristband smartbands for people living in home quarantine. With the smartband, the administration of Abu Dhabi will try to monitor whether a person is following the quarantine rules or not.

How Abu Dhabi became the safest city

Authorities in Abu Dhabi implemented a stringent system of mass testing and vaccination to emerge as the safest city in the world. London-based analytics consortium Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) has ranked UAE Capital at the top of the list of major cities to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The authorities have done everything from door-to-door Covid testing to running a mass campaign to prevent the spread of infection in densely populated areas. Abu Dhabi is one of the few places in the world that has not been affected by the second wave of COVID-19.

Dr Sanjeev Nair, specialist pulmonologist at LLH Hospital Musaffa, said that the mortality rate and new COVID-19 cases in Abu Dhabi are very low and all this can be attributed to proper monitoring of residents through regular check-ups which can help control the spread. help in.


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