WorldEntrepreneur with support from KOSGEB turns scrap tires into wheelbarrow wheels

Entrepreneur with support from KOSGEB turns scrap tires into wheelbarrow wheels

An entrepreneur in the Sarıkaya district of Yozgat produces wheelbarrow wheels and sells them all over Turkey in the workshop he established with the support of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB).

Erol Yeşilyurt (37), whose workplace in the district was closed 3 years ago, conducted research to establish his own business.

Yeşilyurt, who received machinery and equipment support from KOSGEB Provincial Directorate with the project he prepared, established a workshop to produce wheelbarrow tires from waste vehicle tire parts.

Yeşilyurt, which produces 60 thousand wheelbarrow tires annually with scrap tire parts, also contributes to the environment.

Yeşilyurt told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he sells products to the domestic market, and that some companies buy and export them.

Erol Yeşilyurt said, “Companies that make coatings for vehicle tires as raw materials send us the tire parts, we use it in production and it is recycled. In this way, we also contribute to the environment.” said.

Entrepreneur Yeşilyurt stated that he aims to expand his company further and to provide employment to more people.

KOSGEB Yozgat Provincial Director Mustafa Işık, who visited the business, pointed out that he established his business with the support of the entrepreneur and said, “Our entrepreneur produces wheelbarrow wheels. The products are sent all over Turkey. It provides employment for 2 people, we congratulate him. The company produces raw material from scrap tire tires. It contributes to the environment and the scrap tires are brought into the economy as wheelbarrow wheels. Thus, a beneficial transformation is made.” he said.

Uğur Yürekli, one of the workers, stated that they use the wastes of the companies that make tire coatings and said, “We turn it into a wheelbarrow wheel with the cold press and hot press method. I love my job.” used the phrases.

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