India'Enrique was not poor, yet he was not cut down ...'; ...

‘Enrique was not poor, yet he was not cut down …’; Shane’s wife

Alappuzha: Kerala on Sunday woke up to the news of two murders. Two families were orphaned when state leaders of the SDPI and BJP were killed in a political feud. SDPI state secretary KS Shan and OBC Morcha state secretary Ranjith Sreenivasan were killed in the district within 12 hours.

When KS Shan’s body was brought to his house in Mannancherry, his wife Fansila’s bursting questions brought tears to the eyes of the relatives. The two daughters’ cries grew louder after Fonseca’s question, “Wasn’t Enrique poor, yet not cut down?”

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Those who asked me why I was still in the house without Ika also shed tears. Mathrubhumi News reports that while the body was being taken for public viewing, Fanzila was reportedly crying when Shawn left home on Saturday afternoon and called.

Hiba Fatima and Fida Fatima, the children of the Shan-Fansila couple, are in sixth grade and studying in UKG. Shane’s father, Salim, says his son did not act in a way that would cause trouble for anyone. All he did was stand with the movement he believed in politically. It has not worked in a way that makes anyone uncomfortable. He says his son has not been convicted in any of the violence cases.

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When they believe in an idea, it hurts to kill them for it. “If there are more murders like this, there will be more children in the families,” Saleem said yesterday. Shan’s body was brought home at 4.50 pm on Sunday after postmortem from Kalamassery Medical College Hospital. Burial was in the Muhyiddin Juma Masjid graveyard.

OBC Morcha state secretary Ranjith Srinivasan was killed following Shan’s murder. It was exactly as I was getting ready for the morning ride. Fifty people have been taken into custody in two cases.

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