WorldEmre Seven, the first Turkish swimmer to cross the Strait of Gibraltar,...

Emre Seven, the first Turkish swimmer to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, will swim from Mersin to the TRNC

National athlete Emre Seven held a press conference with Avcılar Mayor Turan Hançerli and Accumulator and Recycling Industrialists Association (AKÜDER) Chairman of the Board Abdurrahman Acar regarding the solo swimming attempt between Mersin and Cyprus, which will be held between 18-22 September, at the Avcılar Municipality Assembly Hall. .

Noting that he had swam the Strait of Gibraltar in 4 hours and 16 minutes before, Seven said that he had swam nearly 100 marathons and ultra-marathons in his 25-year open water swimming career.

Reminding that he swam across the English Channel from England to France in 2017, Seven stated that according to the GPS report, he swam 42 kilometers in 13 hours and 34 minutes, raising the bar even higher in each attempt.

Seven continued:

“I have made efforts to promote and promote open water sports in my country. Our current goal is to swim from Mersin to Cyprus with the sponsorship of AKÜDER, with the support and contributions of Avcılar Municipality and Mersin Yenişehir Municipality. We use the words Mersin and Cyprus because your beginning is clear in such ultramarathons, but Nature decides where you come out. I will try to get out of Koruçam Cape in Grand Vizier Village, but I will get out wherever the wind and nature take me. It is an 80-kilometer marathon. You are dreaming of something here, you are trying to do it, but dreaming does not mean everything, someone has to reach out. Sponsorships are the most important argument that keeps us going.”

“We will give the image that it is at a distance where we can swim”

Expressing that he was given a title to pass ‘Oceans7’ determined by the international swimming community, but his dream is for Turkey to win a new course, Seven said, “Let a new window be opened for tourism. Let the elite performance athletes of Europe and the world come here. Very few people can swim in the world under the clock. I hope this first transition will be granted to us. “Imagine that a Danish swimmer would come and swim, go to his country and say, ‘I went from Turkey to the TRNC.'” he said.

“We are proud to be next to a brave, strong and determined athlete”

Avcılar Mayor Turan Hançerli also noted that Emre Seven will swim from Mersin to Cyprus without leaving the sea, without a break and feeding in the sea, and said, “I hope we will be with you that day. The Cyprus crossing is a special crossing. The Bosphorus crossing from Asia to Europe was made. “The most prestigious crossing of our country. The Cyprus crossing is also one of the special and difficult transitions in the world. Emre Bey will dare to do so. It makes us proud to be with a brave, strong and determined athlete. Let it pass, then maybe we will make an effort to pass. I hope that in that transition.” I will swim with you at least for a while, accompany you.” he said.

“We are extremely happy to contribute to the transition process from Mersin to Cyprus.” Hançerli said, “There is a very beautiful slogan. He says, ‘You are as far as my stroke in clean seas.’ “The coasts of Cyprus and the seas are in danger due to a fuel leak from Turkey. This sportive event will also raise awareness and contribute to the protection of the environment and our seas.” he finished.

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