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Emre Seven swims from Mersin to TRNC to draw attention to sea pollution

National athlete Emre Seven, the first Turkish swimmer to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, started swimming from Mersin to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in order to draw attention to sea pollution.

The national swimmer, who got on a yacht waiting for him at the port in Bozyazı district, for the solo (single) swimming attempt between Mersin and TRNC, organized with the slogan “You Are As Far As My Arms In The Clean Seas”, went to the coast of Anamur district, where he would later dive.

Emre Seven, who entered the sea after the preparations here were completed, took a swim to go to TRNC.

The organization, which was held to draw attention to marine pollution, is expected to be completed in approximately 35 hours.

“This time we are much closer to success”

National athlete Emre Seven said in a statement to AA correspondent before the event that he would swim from Mersin to TRNC in line with international rules.

Explaining that he has been preparing for this organization for many years, the national swimmer said:

“We tried the same organization once again on October 2 last year. We stopped at the 15th hour, at the 36th kilometer. Again, we are here again. We are stronger. We worked with the best masters of this business. We had pool and sea trainings. We had very intense and “We prepared after the exhausting process. This time we are much closer to success. The distance will extend to a minimum of 80 kilometers.”

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