WorldEbrahim Raisi approved by the President of Iran

Ebrahim Raisi approved by the President of Iran

In Tehran on Tuesday, the ceremony of approving Ebrahim Raisi in the post of President of Iran by the spiritual leader and leader of the country, Ali Khamenei, took place.

The ceremony was attended by the seventh President of the Islamic Republic Hassan Rouhani, Speaker of the Parliament Mohammad Bakir Kalibaf, Head of the Judiciary Ghulam Hossein Mohchen Eji and others.

The head of the Khamenei Chancellery, Mohammad Gulpayegani, read out the text of the document, which reads: “I approve the votes in favor of Ebrahim Raisi and I appoint him as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The new Iranian president himself has promised to fight for the lifting of US sanctions. “We will work to lift the sanctions, but we do not intend to link the standard of living of the people with the will of foreign states,” Raisi said.

Raisi’s inauguration will take place on 5 August.

The politician won the elections on July 18, gaining 17.9 million votes (about 62 percent) with a turnout of 48.8 percent.

Raisi, unlike the previous president, Hassan Rouhani, belongs to the conservative political camp.

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