WorldEastern DRC: third journalist killed during state of siege

Eastern DRC: third journalist killed during state of siege

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A journalist from a community radio station was killed overnight from Friday to Saturday by armed men in Ituri, in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), his media announced.

Joel Musavuli, Director of Biakato Community Radio and Television (Ituri) was shot dead. It is not yet known who killed him. He was finished off with a bladed weapon. The first witnesses speak of a machete death, Joseph Mutokambali, editor-in-chief of Radio, told Anadolu news agency.

In November 2019, in the midst of the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic, he was already forced with 8 other journalists to live in hiding because of the threats made against them by armed groups.

These journalists were threatened by armed groups for their involvement in raising residents’ awareness of compliance with barrier measures against the tenth Ebola epidemic, while residents questioned the very existence of the disease.

Joël Musavuli is the third journalist killed in three months in the two provinces placed under a state of siege. Two journalists had been killed in North Kivu since last May.

Both provinces have been placed under a state of siege by President Felix Tshisekedi in an attempt to stem violence from armed groups.

The main Congolese citizens’ movement, Lucha, claimed that 533 people were killed in three months in the two provinces, “an average of six civilians killed per day”.

Three months later, “the violence coming from armed groups and elements of the army has intensified, the rights of citizens are increasingly trampled on and the local administration is completely at a standstill,” Lucha said. , in a press release.

The movement called on the authorities to lift the state of siege or, failing that to “completely demilitarize public administrations”, “reestablish civil courts” or even “remove” soldiers “suspected of serious human rights violations, of collusion. with armed groups or various trafficking “.

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