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Eases Travel Restrictions: India no longer has to take special permission to go to Pakistan

Own report: Pakistan has announced that India will no longer need special permission to visit Pakistan to reduce the spread of corona in India. It was much easier for Indians to travel to Pakistan.

As Corona infection (Covid-19) continues to grow, Pakistan has so far included India in Category ‘C’. Being in that category, I had to take special permission to go to Pakistan from India for so long.

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In recent times, infections in India have been on the rise. Corona-conditions were very bad in April and May. India was almost shaken, especially by the delta variant. The country’s healthcare system was completely destroyed.

In this situation, many countries decided to temporarily avoid India. Including Pakistan. In particular, some travel restrictions were imposed on travel to those countries from India. However, the situation has improved in the last few months. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. In the last 24 hours, the number of infected people in India is 36.7.

The C-category initially included many countries. This list includes India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, etc. However, India was recently removed from the list.

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