IndiaDYFI tries to suck lambs for blood: PK Feroz

DYFI tries to suck lambs for blood: PK Feroz


  • A note made by someone who has lost his temper has been posted on the DYFI page
  • The wolf’s intelligence that he can fight the lambs and drink their blood
  • DYFI is trying to divert the issue of death threats

Thiruvananthapuram: Youth League state president PK Feroz said that Samastha president Geoffrey Muthukoya should take their death threats seriously. He demanded that the police register a case and bring to light the person who made the threat.

Meanwhile, DYFI, the youth wing of the ruling party, is trying to divert attention from the issue of death threats. Feroz alleged that although the league did not give the community the title, it was competing to give the league all the other rights.

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A note made by someone who has lost his temper has been posted on the DYFI page. They should clarify whether it was released with the knowledge of the State Committee. Feroz said the DYFI should understand that if the wolf’s intellect was used to fight lambs and drink their blood, then the people of this country have the wisdom to recognize that.

After the great victory of the Waqf protection rally, the CPM League, which had been in turmoil for a long time, did not get sick because of the itch itself. It is natural for DYFI to catch this disease as well. It is certain that other class mass organizations will be caught tomorrow. You need to find a way to heal each other. Cornwallers say that Epsom or Indus is good. Use it to tell the truth. He said there was no point in getting into the league’s makeover.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Muthukoya Thangal is one of the leading Sunni scholars who has recently openly opposed the Jamaat – e – Islami conversion of the Indian Union Muslim League. Geoffrey’s remarks came at the forefront of the Muslim League’s attempts to exploit the faithful by launching a communal campaign against the government over the Waqf issue. Geoffrey, along with Jamaat – e – Islami, has publicly expressed his displeasure at the League’s attempts to sectarianise traditional Muslims in Kerala. The death threat against him is now one step further, the DYFI said in a statement.

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The message of the Muslim League is that it will not hesitate to take up arms against any religious organization or scholar who does not stand by their command. The Muslim scholar community and the general public in Kerala should take seriously the fact that the President of all the EK factions, who were very close to the Muslim League politics, received death threats at the slightest criticism of the League’s communal attitudes.

Geoffrey Thangal was the one who slammed the League’s decision to use places of worship for political purposes. He abolished the agenda of communalizing the religious people and pushing the country into riots and creating insecurity. The DYFI takes seriously even threats against religious scholars who question the stance of the Muslim League, which seeks to pursue narrow interests with religious political communal forces.

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