IndiaDutt followed the procedure given and did not fall; Health Minister...

Dutt followed the procedure given and did not fall; Health Minister Veena George in support of the Child Welfare Committee


  • Health Minister wants Anupama to get the baby back
  • Minister’s explanation in the Assembly
  • The minister said the complaint was being investigated

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George has said that the Child Welfare Committee has not failed in the incident of adopting Anupama’s child. Health and Child Welfare Minister Veena George Sarkar reiterated her stance in the Assembly. The Health Minister informed the House that the Child Welfare Committee had taken action as per the law.

The court had yesterday stayed the adoption proceedings on a petition filed by a Thiruvananthapuram resident seeking the intervention of his parents and government agencies to get the baby back. There are allegations of fraud, including the preparation of the child’s birth certificate. Meanwhile, the explanation of the health minister.

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The baby was delivered on October 23 last year, the health minister said. The child was delivered to the Child Welfare Committee between 12.45am and 9pm. Babies received in the maternity ward are treated as abandoned children. Action was taken accordingly. After having both children, the procedures to be completed were completed and registered. One of these children is reserved for the month of April. Anupama’s complaint was received by the CWC six months ago. The minister said that the DNA of the child who was not adopted was tested as per the requirement of DNA test and it was found that it was not Anupama’s child. The Assembly was informed that the Child Welfare Committee had done what was required by law. However, the government said that Anupama’s complaint was being investigated.

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The minister said a preliminary inquiry by the Women and Child Welfare Department had found that the child had been adopted in compliance with all procedures. Babies born in the cradle are considered abandoned babies. Dutt was given a press release prior to the adoption and was given time to file objections. The minister said that the process was started after this.

However, the Opposition alleges that the Child Welfare Committee has failed in this regard. AMP leader and Vadakara MP KK Rema issued a notice for an urgent resolution demanding that the matter be discussed. KK Rema alleged that the Child Welfare Committee had failed to return the child to the mother and that the mother had lost the child due to such a serious omission. But Veena George, who responded, was justifying the CWC. He told the cabinet that the government was of the view that the mother should have a baby and that was why she had taken the necessary steps as soon as the media reports came out.

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