WorldDuring the jungle safari, the cobra bit the tourist sitting to defecate,...

During the jungle safari, the cobra bit the tourist sitting to defecate, had to cut the penis due to the spread of poison


  • A tourist who went to the jungle in South Africa was bitten by a cobra during defecation
  • Rescue done by helicopter from the middle of the forest, took three hours
  • Due to the spread of poison, the penis had to be cut, the whole private part was lost

Cape Town
A foreign tourist was bitten by a cobra during a jungle safari in South Africa. The venom of this snake was so strong that despite being rescued by helicopter for treatment, the penis of the tourist had to be cut. Doctors told that the patient’s penis was rotted due to the poison, which was left with no other way but to cut it. Thousands of people are killed every year in South Africa by venomous snake bites.

was a tourist from the Netherlands
According to the Daily Mail report, a 47-year-old tourist from the Netherlands had come for a tour of the jungles of South Africa. While visiting the nature reserve, the tourist went to use a toilet built in the middle of the forest. During this, the poisonous cobra already present inside the commode bit the tourist’s penis. After shouting, the guards and other personnel of Jungle Safari rushed to help.

Rescue done by helicopter after three hours
He immediately requested the nearest hospital to rescue the tourist by helicopter. However, during this the tourist had to wait for three hours. The distance of the nearest hospital from the place of incident was 350 km. After the snake bite, the tourist felt a burning sensation in his penis, in a short time it swelled and the entire organ turned blue. Gradually the flesh of that person’s penis and surrounding parts started melting.

Penis had to be cut due to spread of infection
Urology Case Reports quoted experts as saying that this in itself is a very rare case of a venomous snake bite on one’s penis. Earlier, there have been cases of snake bites on the back side of the body. The camper was given emergency treatment at a hospital in South Africa, but had to be amputated to prevent penile tissue from decomposing and spreading the poison to other parts.

Doctors in the Netherlands remodel the penis
After nine days of treatment, the Dutch national was sent back to the Netherlands. Where doctors tried to reconstruct the person’s sore tissue with the help of tissue removed from his groin. With the help of these tissues, the doctors repaired the man’s penis a lot. Since then, the person has advised people traveling to African countries to be cautious through a cheeky message.

Snake bite caused ‘meat eating disease’
Doctors told that the patient had a disease called necrosis due to snake bite. It is commonly known as ‘flesh eating disease’. In this, there is a lethal bacterial infection in the tissues under the skin. This also greatly increases the chances of death. These bacteria do not actually eat the meat, but release the toxic substance, which also damages the surrounding tissue.