WorldDue to drought in Kenya, 200 thousand people can consume one meal...

Due to drought in Kenya, 200 thousand people can consume one meal a day.

Kenya In the statement made by the Meteorology Department, it was stated that hundreds of thousands of people in the northern and eastern regions of the country had difficulty in finding food and water due to drought.

In the statement, it was emphasized that approximately 200,000 Kenyans can only eat one meal a day, and 9,000 people need urgent treatment due to malnutrition.

In the statement, which stated that the animals were also damaged due to the drought, it was underlined that this situation negatively affected the Kenyans who make a living from animal husbandry.

In the statement, it was noted that the dry season will continue until December, and the regions of Mombasa, Tana River, Kilifi, Lamu, Kwale, Mandera, Marsabit, Wajir, Garissa and Isiolo will be affected by dry and hot weather conditions.

National disaster declared in more than 20 regions

Due to the drought in the northern and eastern parts of Kenya, more than 20 regions have been declared a national disaster.

In the country where 2.1 million people face hunger, more than 500 thousand children suffer from health problems due to malnutrition.

In Kenya, which has been grappling with the largest locust infestation in its history in recent years, the food crisis is feared to escalate due to insufficient rainfall during rainy seasons.

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