Duck takes out human voice, said in anger - 'You Bloody Fool',...

Duck takes out human voice, said in anger – ‘You Bloody Fool’, people were blown away by hearing

Duck picks up human voice, angrily said- ‘You Bloody Fool’

You must have heard a parrot talking in the language of humans and making sounds many times, but have you ever heard a bird or a duck talking in the language of humans. So let us tell you that in a new study it is claimed that ducks of a particular species can make sounds exactly like humans.

The study records an Australian duck repeatedly saying “you bloody fool”. This male duck can also make out the sound of the door closing. The sound of the duck has been recorded in Canberra’s Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

Researchers believe that he must have heard these words over and over again, and then gradually imitated it. The findings indicate that these ducks have the ability to mimic other birds such as parrots, hummingbirds, European starlings, mynahs and budgerigars.

Biologist Karel Ten Cate says she found it “hard to believe” when she discovered the claim that musk ducks can make out human voices.

But, he decided to go hunting to see if it was really true.

Ten Kate says that the fact that Ripper reproduced the sounds he heard most when he was young is an important finding of research.

Significantly, recently a video of crying like a baby bird was shot in a zoo in Australia. In the video, the bird sitting on the tree is making the sound of crying like a child. According to the report, this bird belongs to the species of Superb Lyrebird, which imitates the sound of its surroundings exactly.