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Dubai’s Sheikh lives the world’s most luxurious life, from gold car to golden food, strange hobbies

The luxurious life of Dubai can entice anyone. Expensive vehicles running on the roads and the world’s tallest buildings kissing the sky can make anyone crazy about Dubai. The Sheikhs of Dubai are known all over the world for their wealth and expensive hobbies. While pursuing anything, Sheikh takes care that no one in the world can match him. They consider themselves to be the best in the world and make the world feel it from time to time. The Sheikhs of Dubai are especially fond of gold. From their vehicles to mobiles, even gold is present in their food. Today we will tell you about some luxurious and strange hobbies of the Sheikhs of Dubai, seeing that you will say, ‘Wow! Life is like this…’

Gold comes out of ATM

Usually, ATM machines are installed in emergency to meet the need of money as soon as possible. But in Dubai this machine has been installed to fulfill the expensive hobby of the sheikhs. Gold can be extracted from these machines instead of money. Shaikh extracts gold from these machines in exchange for cash. From this, it can be estimated how common a precious metal like gold is in Dubai. You will find gold withdrawal ATM machines everywhere in Dubai.

travel by gold cars

You can get to see one of the luxury and expensive cars in the world. But Dubai is a different world where you will see gold cars walking on the roads. Many times the pictures of these gold plated cars have become viral on the internet. People are surprised to see them. The cost of these cars is in hundreds of crores because they are specially designed. Apart from cars, Sheikh is also fond of gold plated mobile phones, on which diamonds worth crores are studded.

eat gold dish in food

Dubai is home to some of the richest people in the world. According to a report, the population of millionaires living in Dubai is more than 52,000. There are 2,430 people who have a net worth of $10 million or more. Most of them are sheikhs whose food also includes gold. Keeping their preferences in mind, some restaurants in Dubai serve food that includes gold. An example of this is the Hampstead Bakery and Cafe in Dubai where French toast is served wrapped in a coating of 24-karat gold. Apart from this, you can also get a lot of gold and tea in Dubai.

Beware of pets!

As soon as we take the name of pets, we often remember animals like dog, cat or cow. These animals are extremely cute and mostly innocent. But the pets of Dubai are a little different. No one in the world can compete with the Sheikhs of Dubai in the hobby of raising animals. These sheikhs keep the dreaded wild animals like lions and cheetahs. Usually, if such animals are seen, then panic spreads in the entire area, but in many pictures, these wild animals are seen walking in the car with sheikhs or sitting in their lap.

Birds fly in the plane instead of the sky

The name of the national bird of United Arab Emirates is Falcon. Sheikh is fond of keeping this bird. Sheikhs are highly respected in the country. Sheikhs have not only got permission from the government to raise the national bird, but Falcon has also been given special facilities. This bird can fly by sitting in a plane. Not only this, this bird is also given a seat in the flight.