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DUBAI AIRSHOW 2021: India’s fighter jets shout in the beautiful sky of Dubai, see the valor of the Air Force in pictures

Indian fighter jets have displayed their valor beautifully at the Dubai Air Show in the United Arab Emirates. The Suryakiran Aerobatics Team of the Indian Air Force has also performed many aerial feats in the skies of Dubai for the first time. Not only this, India’s indigenous fighter aircraft HAL Tejas has also demonstrated its might for the first time in Dubai. Hawk planes included in the Suryakiran aerobatics team performed many acrobatics in the air. He also flew over Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah artificial island and Burj Al Arab. During this, planes of Al Fursan Display Team of UAE were also flying along with Surya Kiran team. This air show is being organized at Al Maktoum International Airport. During the opening ceremony of the Dubai Air Show, all the participating teams did a flypost. It is said to be the biggest airshow in the world. Pavilions from 20 countries have been built at the Dubai Air Show. It is being told that during this time at least 160 commercial, military and private ships will be displayed. The show also includes Boeing’s 777X and Bombardier’s Global 7500 aircraft.

Surya Kiran is the aerobatics team of the Indian Air Force

Surya Kiran is an aerobatics team of the Indian Air Force. The Surya Kiran Aerobatics Team (SCAT) was established by the Air Force in 1996. It is part of the 52nd Squadron of the Air Force. This team has demonstrated the 9 aircraft formation several times. The squadron was formed from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) HJT-16 Kiran Acme 2 military trainer aircraft until 2011. Its squadron has been deployed at Bidar Air Force Station in Karnataka.

Surya Kiran Aerobatics team flew in Dubai for the first time

Suryakiran Aerobatics team has participated in this air show for the first time. While the Sarang team participated in the Al Ain Grand Prix in the UAE in 2005. The Sarang Helicopter Display team captivated the people by showing them aerial feats on the opening day of the Dubai Air Show. This was the fourth flight of Tejas aircraft outside India in UAE. Earlier it has participated in Sri Lanka Air Show in 2021, Bahrain International Air Show in 2016 and Langkawi International Maritime Aero Expo (LIMA-2019) in Malaysia. Seeing this performance of Tejas, China and Pakistan must have got a clear message. Pakistani experts have often claimed that Tejas of India is ahead of JF-17.

The strength of the Indian Air Force is Tejas fighter aircraft

India’s LCA Tejas fighter aircraft has also participated for the first time in the Dubai Air Show. Since the arrival of the Rafale fighter jets, the Indian Air Force is clearly in a better position than the Pakistan Air Force. The gap between the IAF and the PAF will widen with the induction of the new batch of Tejas fighter jets. Tejas Mark 1A has 43 improvements over its previous version. According to experts, it can destroy the entire fighter fleet of Pakistan. Not only this, Tejas MK1A can also face most of the Chinese fighter aircraft. Tejas has often been compared to the Xiaolong jet of China. Although Tejas is more advanced while Xiaolong is a third generation fighter aircraft.

Tejas is indigenously developed by India

HAL Tejas is a single engine multirole light fighter jet developed by the Aeronautical Development Agency in association with the Aircraft Research and Design Center of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Earlier this year, HAL had signed a $6.58 billion deal for the Indian Air Force to manufacture 73 new Tejas Mark 1A light combat aircraft jets and 10 Tejas Mark 1 two-seat training jets.

Tejas is much stronger than China-Pakistan’s JF-17


Tejas fighter jets are very important for the Indian Air Force. Tejas can play a big role in facing the dual challenge of China and Pakistan. In the match of Tejas, Pakistan fills its JF-17. While Tejas is a completely indigenous jet, JF-17 has been made by Pakistan in collaboration with China. The Tejas is not only faster and lighter, but also has a more powerful engine than the JF-17. Its payload capacity is also more than JF-17. Tejas has been modified to suit the needs of the Navy, whereas the JF-17 does not have such capability.