Drunk people made a 4 meter long 'potato' worth Rs 4 lakh...

Drunk people made a 4 meter long ‘potato’ worth Rs 4 lakh in a bad condition, people are angry

Many times a drunk person is sitting by doing such acts, which we cannot imagine. Recently, some alcoholics have done such acts, due to which people are looking very angry. People are also giving their reactions on social media in anger. It’s January 1st. On this day, while the whole world was preparing for the new year, some drunkards were doing astonishing feats at the crossroads of Cyprus. Actually, some people drunk the Big Potato Sculpture made in Cyprus.


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According to Sky.com, 4 meters tall potato is made at the intersection of Xylophagou village of Cyprus. People loved this potato very much. People used to take selfies on the potato idol. This is a sculpture of potato, it is of Spunata species. More recently, it was also decorated on Christmas Day. It looked so beautiful on Christmas day. However, this did not last long. On January 1, some alcoholics broke it.

According to the information, it was made by a person named George Tasu. George Tasu prepared it for about 4 lakh 21 thousand.