WorldDrought in Somalia threatens millions of children

Drought in Somalia threatens millions of children

Save The Children’s drought in somaliaIn a statement on the issue, it was stated that almost half of the population in the country is struggling with drought and its negative effects.

In the statement, it was stated that the drought in the country affected the children the most, and millions of children were under threat.

Pointing out that clean water is depleted in many parts of the country and families cannot find food, the organization called for urgent help to protect children in Somalia against drought and its effects.

The Somali government declared an “emergency” across the country due to the drought that increased its effect on November 23.

According to United Nations data, millions of people are in urgent need of help in the country where seasonal precipitation has not been received in sufficient amounts for the third time since late 2020.

Somalia has experienced more than 30 natural disasters such as floods and droughts due to climate change since 1990.

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