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DRC: The toll of a road accident in the West revised downwards (police)

AA / Kinshasa / Pascal Mulegwa

Fourteen people were charred in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a collision between a truck carrying fuel and a bus, near the Kwango Bridge, in the western Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congolese police said, reviewing downward a first official toll of 33 dead.

“In reality, the death toll is 14 dead and 8 seriously injured, including the driver of the truck evacuated to Kinshasa in critical condition,” General Fidele Kaumba, chief of police in Kwango province, bordering on the border to Anadolu, told Anadolu. the capital Kinshasa.

The accident occurred at 10 p.m. “at the Kabuba village level” when a “large vehicle carrying fuel left Kinshasa for Kikwit.” He bumped into another bus going to Kinshasa. The large vehicle caught fire following the tremors, “said the officer.

The bodies were buried on Monday, said Augustin Mvundi, mayor of Kenge, the provincial capital. “Only skulls were found. The bodies were completely charred in the fire, ”according to this authority.

This accident occurred a month after that of last June and caused a dozen deaths in the same circumstances.

Very busy, the Kwango road, is one of two that supply Kinshasa.

On the other track between Kinshasa and the port city of Matadi, the last tanker accident caused the death of 53 people in 2018, 120 km from the capital.

The deadliest accident involving vehicles transporting flammable products dates back to 2010. Nearly 250 people were burnt to death after an overturned tanker truck caught fire.

Road accidents are highly fatal and regular in the DRC, due in particular to the poor condition of the roads and the poor condition of the rolling machinery.

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