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DRC / Shipwreck on the Congo River: the death toll rises to 61 (official)

AA / Kinshasa / Pascal Mulegwa

The toll of the sinking of a convoy of canoes that occurred during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday near the town of Bumba, in the north – west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), on the Congo River has increased from 51 to 61 dead, authorities said on Saturday.

After the discovery of several bodies, “the death toll is 61, including 38 men, 13 women and 10 children,” said Nestor Magbado, spokesperson for the government of the province of Mongala to which the territory of Bumba falls.

“The plausible cause of the sinking is the overload aggravated by bad weather, which means that the combined boats are torpedoed by the gust of wind and especially that the navigation was done in particular”, he added.

In the absence of a manifesto, “an estimated 150 passengers were on board,” according to the authority, said the same source adding that the search for the bodies was continuing.

Those responsible for the makeshift boats that were wrecked are on the run. “An open investigation,” assured the authorities in Mongala.

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