WorldDRC: Catholic Church and Kabila camp oppose "congolity"

DRC: Catholic Church and Kabila camp oppose “congolity”

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The influential Catholic Church and the camp of former President Joseph Kabila have criticized a bill that provides for banning citizens with a foreign parent from running for president in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, two years from the ballot.

“This is an opportunity for me, in the name of the Episcopate and the Congolese people, to stigmatize the dangerous bill on [congolité] which does not promote the much desired national cohesion. This bill, instead of uniting the people of God in a single family, it appears as an instrument of exclusion and division ”, indicated Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo during a worship service for the enthronement of the new Archbishop of Lubumbashi, in the south-east of the DRC.

This bill tabled last Thursday in the National Assembly by the national deputy Nsinga Pululu from the camp of President Félix Tshisekedi “appears as an instrument of exclusion and division. I invite you all to remain extremely vigilant with regard to all these dangerous initiatives which have the sole merit of creating tension within the people ”, according to the Cardinal Archbishop.

In a statement released late Saturday evening, the coalition of former President Joseph Kabila, Front Commun pour le Congo (FCC) opposed the said “unconstitutional, untimely, discriminatory and conflicting” law.

It “undermines the unity of the country” and risks “mortgaging the democratic gains” and the electoral process, according to the FCC, ranting against the “artificially manufactured” parliamentary majority.

The former ruling camp called for “mobilization” against the “iniquitous” law and promised to mobilize its deputies, senators and members in the coming days.

The proposal already weakens the Sacred Union of the Nation (USN), a coalition created by Tshisekedi, in power since 2019.

“Any possible inclusion in the work schedule of the National Assembly of this text, will consecrate the final and irreversible rupture within the Sacred Union”, notably threatened the party of Moise Katumbi, who recently joined Tshisekedi for a coalition in the government.

The party of President Felix Tshisekedi, which has already announced its candidacy for the presidential election supposed to be held in 2023, has not yet taken a position.

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