WorldDRC: "Bombé", the homemade drug that makes you sleep upright in Kinshasa

DRC: “Bombé”, the homemade drug that makes you sleep upright in Kinshasa

AA / Kinshasa / Pascal Mulegwa

The Congolese authorities expressed concern this weekend at the consumption by young people in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kinshasa, of an artisanal drug manufactured on the basis of the residues of the catalyst of the vehicle exhaust.

The President of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi, drew the attention of members of the Government to this disturbing phenomenon which has been raging for several weeks and which affects Congolese youth.

“In Kinshasa, young people indulge in the consumption of a drug called [Bombé]. This highly toxic and dangerous substance for the brain would be made up of a mixture of residues from exhaust pipes, hemp, foundation and other components, ”said President Tshisekedi quoted in the account- report of the meeting of the council of ministers, made public on Saturday in Kinshasa.

“The toxicity of this substance is currently being studied by a specialized Commission of the Ministry of Health”, according to the Congolese president.

Tshisekedi called on all the sectoral ministries to “do everything in their power to find suitable solutions for the care and supervision of young victims of these dangerous substances”.

However, he insisted, “it should be borne in mind that this social phenomenon calls for the collective responsibility of the whole Nation”.

Cheap drug with very powerful effects, “Bombé” stunted its consumers in the capital Kinshasa who call themselves “zombies” because they sleep standing in broad daylight, scratch themselves, cry or are hilarious, according to images shared on the networks social and gone viral.

“It’s an emergency, a public health disaster. We will have juvenile delinquency which will increase, rape, banditry, sexual violence. It’s a complicated phenomenon, ”Patrice Milambo, director of the national program against drug addiction and toxic substances (PNLCT), told the Anadolu Agency.

This drug has appeared in Kinshasa since 2019, but the proportion of those who consume it has increased over the months. Mechanics are the major purveyors of this drug, unbeknownst to automobile owners, according to police.

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