IndiaDragon is swallowing land using salami slicing, experts told what is the...

Dragon is swallowing land using salami slicing, experts told what is the break of this strategy of China


  • China is using salami slicing to capture land
  • China intentionally wants to keep situations on LAC tense
  • Experts said – India will have to maintain emphasis on defense preparedness

New Delhi: The standoff continues over the border dispute along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. To end this, the 14th round of commander-level talks between India and China has also remained inconclusive. After this, India’s leading defense experts say that the situation remains ‘fragile’. The reason is that the neighboring country has taken the lead in maintaining an enduring enmity with India, including maintaining the ‘tensioned border’ along the LAC. He is constantly increasing his plans to take possession of the territories of others. Under this, he is working on a special kind of strategy. Its name is ‘Salute Slicing’.

The standoff, which started in April 2020 in the Galwan Valley of eastern Ladakh, over the border dispute, is still intact. The round of commander-level talks between India and China on the withdrawal of troops and other related issues is also going on. Soldiers of both the countries are still standing on the LAC. Meanwhile, the incident of kidnapping of a teenager from Arunachal Pradesh by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has created a new controversy.

Defense expert C Uday Bhaskar said, ‘The situation in eastern Ladakh remains as it is. The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is strengthening infrastructure within the border claimed by India. In this context, India is in a less favorable position after the Galwan Valley incident.

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What should be India’s strategy?
Asked what should be India’s strategy till a mutually acceptable solution is reached, Bhaskar said that it would be better for India to increase its military capability to prevent PLA from such violations in future.

He said, ‘India should give a message to China about this resolve at the diplomatic and military level. At the same time, to defuse the current tension, India should try to encourage Beijing to reach a mutually acceptable arrangement till the dispute is settled.

Apart from this, India should also create a political environment to end this bitterness of the border dispute, he said. “There was a war between the two countries in October 1962 and its recurrence would be undesirable… and costly for both the countries,” he said.

Could there be a war between the two countries?
Asked about the possibility of war or any military conflict between the two countries, he said, “The situation is still hazy… Galvan’s repetition cannot be ruled out.” “The situation is still critical… and conflicting as well,” he said. It is strange that when there is tension on the LAC, China and India’s trade is increasing on both sides despite Galvan and Covid-19. More transparency is needed here.

Former National Security Council advisor Professor Brahm Chelani said the abduction of a teenager in Arunachal Pradesh after China built military villages in a “disputed area” along the border, is a long-pending “salute” to the neighboring country. Slicing is a spread of the strategy.

The policy of a country to gradually capture a large area through small military operations against its neighboring countries is called ‘salami slicing’. Chelani also says that despite 18 meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, China has undertaken permanent hostility with India, including maintaining the “tensioned border” along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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China encroaching on pasture areas
Chelani said the local people and local representatives living in the border areas of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh have been complaining for the last 20 years that China is encroaching on their traditional pasture areas “meter by meter and mile by mile”. .

“The Chinese side building military villages in the disputed area along the border and now the recent kidnapping of a youth from within Arunachal Pradesh is an extension of the neighboring country’s long-followed ‘salami slicing’ strategy,” he said. Is.’

Chelani said, “This is not the first time that a youth from Arunachal Pradesh has been abducted by the encroaching Chinese soldiers. The entry of Chinese soldiers into Indian territory and kidnapping of youth supports the claim of the local people of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh that China is occupying their lands through bulletless aggression.

On the ever-increasing tension in India-China relations, Chelani said that despite China’s aggression in the Himalayan region, the threat of war and the tense military standoff that has been going on for the last nearly 21 months, India stands firm.

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“But one thing that is missing in the Indian strategy is that India has not been successful in driving China back from the encroaching areas,” he said. It is unfortunate that India has put itself in a very defensive position.

Chelani claimed that China has used “unending talks” to reinforce the gains of its aggression. “It refuses to retreat from Depsang, Hot Springs, Gogra and Demchok or to return to its pre-April-2020 position at Galwan,” he said.

In the wake of the ongoing standoff over the border dispute, the 14th round of talks between the armies of India and China was held recently. There was no success, but both sides agreed to maintain close contact through military and diplomatic channels and to continue talks for a “mutually acceptable solution” to the remaining issues at the earliest.

Asked in which direction India-China relations are heading, Chelani said, “Despite 18 face-to-face meetings between Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) and Xi Jinping (Chinese President), China made the LAC a hot border.” He has taken the initiative to keep a permanent enmity with India, including keeping it.

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China’s Salami Slicing Policy