WorldDorçe Prefabrik ve İnşaat presented modular military structures in Ankara

Dorçe Prefabrik ve İnşaat presented modular military structures in Ankara

Turkish construction company Dorçe Prefabrik ve İnşaat presented its products at the III International Summit on Military Radar and Border Security, organized on October 5-6 in Ankara.

The summit brought together the leading institutions and organizations of the world defense industry.

According to Dorçe Prefabrik, the company presented a wide product catalog at the summit: high security containers for border camps, border field hospitals, modified containers for ISO standards for the needs of the army, equipped with a bathroom and household items, hangars for aircraft, etc.

Dorçe Prefabrik Transportable Container Modules (HTK), which can be transported by helicopter, are easily assembled by hand in all conditions without the help of any tools or equipment.

Government officials, high-ranking representatives of the defense industry, military attachés from various countries and other participants in the summit got acquainted with the company’s products.

The company has over 40 years of experience in the construction of turnkey prefabricated modular structures, military camps, hangars, and also implements special design projects for the needs of the armed forces, security forces, national and international military organizations.

The production center and head office of Dorçe Prefabrik is located in Ankara.

Thanks to this convenient location, the Turkish armed forces, NATO, military attachés and representatives of foreign missions, technical groups of companies such as ASELSAN and Roketsan have the opportunity to regularly monitor the process at all stages of production.

The III International Summit on Military Radar and Border Security allowed the company to share international experience, familiarize participants with the work of talented engineers and present its production philosophy based on modern construction methods (MMC).

Designed after extensive research and development, Dorçe Mobile Field Hospitals are assembled in two hours. Mobile field hospitals can be transported by land, sea and air.

Modules are transported in trailers to ensure a secure loading and shipping process. This mode of transportation increases the mobility of the armed forces in the area of ​​operations.

The company assembles and prepares for delivery 120 units of modular structures per day.

At the same time, Dorçe Prefabrik ve İnşaat not only manufactures modular structures, but also manufactures and supplies heavy steel prefabricated buildings to many regions of the world.

The company also provides design and construction work for the Japanese army in Djibouti.

And for the construction of hangars for F-16 fighters in a short time, heavy steel structures are used.

In addition, the Dorçe Prefabrik ve İnşaat product catalog includes bulletproof modular structures designed for use in combat zones, military bases, prisons and border areas.

Such designs do not require a lot of costs and allow you to ensure safety in a short time.

The Turkish construction company Dorçe Prefabrik ve İnşaat uses modern technology – Building Information Modeling (BIM) – to improve the efficiency of the construction process, reduce costs, and improve the quality of structures.

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