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Don’t be afraid to say it: Quang Ha frankly talks about being a giant “collecting red books”

Born into a family with an artistic tradition in Hanoi, Quang Ha followed the path of singing and was a rare northern singer who was very successful in the Western market with hits like The deer-eyed girl, Candles in the night, Thought… After more than 20 years of singing, the male singer has also accumulated a desirable fortune with many houses and cars. He is even said to have a hobby of “collecting red books”. What does Quang Ha say about this?

After 10 years since the hit thoughtRecently, Quang Ha collaborated with Khac Viet to release MV Adultery. Talking about this topic, the male singer born in 1981 said that in love, there must be happiness and joy. However, when the feelings fade and there is a new vibration, we should end the old relationship to avoid hurting others. And in the show Say what you’re afraid ofQuang Ha revealed for the first time that she had an affair. The first secret stories were revealed by Quan Ha in Saying, don’t be shy! Invite the audience to watch!