India'Doesn't affect national security, with or without Pegasus?'; Center hits back...

‘Doesn’t affect national security, with or without Pegasus?’; Center hits back at Supreme Court


  • The case will be heard again in ten days
  • Center hits back at Supreme Court
  • Notice of the Supreme Court to the Center

New Delhi: The Center has said in the Supreme Court that it has nothing to hide in the Pegasus case. The Central Government’s response comes in the wake of a series of petitions filed in the Supreme Court alleging that Israeli spies were used to monitor the country’s citizens. All the petitions were accepted in the court file. The case was reconsidered within ten days.

The government has said that some software can be used for national security but its full details cannot be disclosed to the public. At the same time, the court sent a notice to the Center asking what was the impediment to a reply on issues unrelated to security. The court said the plaintiffs only need to know whether Pegasus was used and that there is no legal impediment to disclosing this. At the same time, the central government is of the view that if a special committee is formed, everything can be disclosed to the committee. However, the apex court said it would consider forming a committee after receiving a reply from the central government on the issue.

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Justice Suryakant said the court was not interested in endangering national security but should respond to allegations that individuals’ phones had been hacked.

“The court does not want to pose a threat to the security of the country or to the protocols of the Ministry of Defense. The court asked.

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At the same time, the central government was of the view that issues related to the Pegasus case could not be discussed due to national security concerns. “All petitions demand a Supreme Court inquiry. They asked yesterday whether the government should use Pegasus or not. This software has been purchased by all countries, but no government will say whether or not it is used for national security reasons.” Solicitor General Thushar Mehta spoke on behalf of the Central Government. The Center has stated that it is ready to disclose the matter before the special committee but cannot give an affidavit.

At the same time, the plaintiffs’ attorney, Kapil Sibal, who said that national security should not be endangered, was asked to answer whether Pegasus was used or not. The court said the case would be heard within ten days.

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