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Does the husband get jailed for forgetting his wife’s birthday? The truth about Samoa’s strange law

There are many countries in the world where you can face serious legal action for a minor act. Even if it doesn’t harm anyone. These include rules that may be hard to believe when you hear them. For example, forgetting your wife’s birthday. In Samoa, a Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean, residents could face legal action for forgetting their wife or husband’s birthday.

Not only this, he may also have to go to jail for this. It is a little hard to believe this news. Samoa is a beautiful Oceania country that recently came into the limelight due to a shocking news. There have been reports several times that there is a strange law in Samoa that jails men who forget their spouses’ birthdays.
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How much truth in the claim about the law?
A German-language Facebook page faktastisch also surprised its readers when it claimed that Samoan men were at risk of going to jail for forgetting their wives’ birthdays. But the Samoa Observer, a Samoa newspaper, reportedly spoke to a lawyer, Fiona I. He denied being aware of any such law. The newspaper said that Lawyers Monthly, a magazine of lawyers, also published a story in 2019 related to this allegedly active Samoan law.

Many countries with strange laws
Fiona said the news about the alleged law is a great example of why you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Even if it was published in Lawyers Monthly. Countries with strange laws include North Korea, where wearing blue jeans is illegal because it is seen as a symbol of US imperialism. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore because it causes dirt.