WorldDoes the French army have only three days of ammunition stocks?

Does the French army have only three days of ammunition stocks?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This would be the case if there was “a major conflict against a powerful state”, declared on more occasions the candidate Eric Zemmour who wishes to drastically increase the budget of the Armies.

THE QUESTION. Before the start of Russian military operations in Ukraine, far-right candidate Eric Zemmour gave an alarmist speech about French power. He castigated the state of the French army which, according to him, would only have three days’ worth of ammunition in the event of a conflict. “In the event of a major conflict, against a powerful state, we would run out of ammunition in three days. No war lasts three days, which means that as of today we are purely and simply in a position to lose the next war“, he declared facing Mont-Saint-Michel, pleading for a strengthening of national capacities.

As the war continues and Westerners stay away from hostilities, Eric Zemmour renewed his claims on the show “France in the face of war“where he was invited Monday, March 14, with seven other candidates for the presidential election. But in the event of a confrontation, would the French army have the means to wage war?

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