India'Does not join the Orthodox Church'; The Jacobite Church says it...

‘Does not join the Orthodox Church’; The Jacobite Church says it will not accept the 1934 constitution


  • Jacobite – Orthodox Church Dispute.
  • The Jacobite Church made its position clear.
  • The proposal to move forward as a church will not be accepted.

Kochi: The Jacobite Church will not accept the suggestion that the Orthodox Churches should move forward as one church. The Metropolitan Trustee of St. Joseph Mar Gregorios stated that the Jacobite sect will continue to be a church. The Jacobite Church’s response came in the wake of the High Court’s ruling that churches should be governed by the 1934 church constitution, and that there should be no more two divisions and only one church, based on the Supreme Court’s final order.

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The Jacobite Church is never opposed to judgments on the part of the court. The church is ready to negotiate with the government or any agencies. After the managing committee meeting, the Metropolitan Trustee of St. Joseph Mar Gregorios stated that the Orthodox Church is not yet ready for a joint discussion without contradicting the Christian testimonies.

The Church said that the history of the Jacobite Church should not be taught to the Kerala community. But some things are not included in the court’s observation. After the Synod, High Court Justice Devan Ramachandran will take up the matter with the bench. He said the judiciary and the Orthodox Church should keep an eye on the realities of the 100-year-old case.

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The High Court had yesterday observed that churches should be governed under the 1934 Church Constitution and that there should be only one church. The court had asked the Jacobite Church to state its position on the matter. What is special is that the Jacobite Church had publicly responded to the matter even before taking a stand in court.

The High Court had yesterday ruled that the Supreme Court order in the Jacobite-Orthodox Church dispute could not be relaxed. It is important to keep the peace. The court also directed that protection be provided to churches and properties. The government informed the court that the order was being implemented in stages. The government had said it would delay the implementation of the order and adjourned the hearing to May 26.

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The High Court has ruled that it is time to resolve the Jacobite-Orthodox Church dispute. Justice Devan Ramachandran asked for whom the House dispute was going on. The dispute should be resolved and the two churches should reach an agreement. According to the Supreme Court order, there is only one church and one constitution. Churches can only govern under the 1934 constitution. The court ruled that vicars and believers who accepted the constitution could not be barred from entering the church. The court also asked the leaders of both the churches to consider the matter.

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