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Do you know which words you will not be able to use in 2022?

Own report: ‘Wait, what?’, ‘No Oris’, ‘New Normal’, ‘At the end of the day’ – these are very familiar words or phrases we often say and hear. But if you are told, these words you can no longer use in this new year, wonder? Surprisingly, there is nothing to do, because that’s what happened.

No, let’s just say. Every year since 1987, Lake Superior State University in the US state of Michigan has published a list of disliked words and phrases in the English language. This time too, the list has been published on the last day of 2021. It has been observed that ordinary people are annoyed with the use of some very familiar words or phrases. And at the top of the list is – ‘Wait, what?’ Pairs of words! One objected, “I don’t want to wait any longer.”

However, there are other words or phrases in the list – ‘That being said’, ‘Asking for a friend’, ‘Circle back’, ‘Deep dive’, ‘You’re on mute’, ‘Supply chain’. Throughout the year, users of these words have said that they used these words and phrases so much in the last year that they don’t like it anymore. In 2022, they want to refrain from using these words.

University authorities said people in various countries, including the United States, were asked to dislike English words and phrases online. In response, Norway, Britain, Belgium, Scotland, Australia, Canada and other countries submitted more than 1,250 words and phrases. From there 10 tops are selected.

The university says, ‘In everyday conversation, you choose words and phrases according to what you want to convey and use them. There is no easy or difficult alternative. But even then, there are some words and phrases that many people find annoying to use again and again. Out of annoyance, they turned away from those words and phrases.

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