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Do not prolong the trial; No further investigation is required; Dileep in the Supreme Court

New Delhi: Dileep has approached the Supreme Court against the government’s demand for more time to complete its probe into the attack on the actress. Dileep alleges that the government has asked for more time to replace the trial judge.

Dileep has approached the apex court tomorrow before the state government for an application seeking six more months to complete the trial in the case.

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All that remains is the trial of the investigating officer in the case. Dileep alleged that the government’s request was part of his attempt to avoid a trial.

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Balachandra Kumar is a witness who was hired by the probe team. Balachandra Kumar’s revelations cannot be trusted. The state government also has a ulterior motive to replace the trial judge. In his affidavit, Dileep alleged that the state government had earlier demanded the removal of the judge.

The trial judge should ask for more time. But the judge did not ask for that. In his affidavit, Dileep said that he did not give a definite answer as to why the revelations made by Balachandra Kumar were not made earlier.

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