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‘Do not add oil to the fire, I have a part in it’; T Siddique against Chennithala


  • T Siddique indirectly criticized Chennithala.
  • The reaction from Chennithala’s side was overwhelming.
  • Siddique said no one should pour oil on the fire.

Kochi: T Siddique indirectly criticized Ramesh Chennithala for reacting against the state leadership during the ongoing controversy over the list of DCC presidents. No one should pour oil on the fire instead of exercising restraint. He told Manorama News that the response from Chennithala was overwhelming.

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Statements that undermine the unity of the party should have been avoided. There should be such an approach on the part of everyone. He is of the opinion that someone like Chennithala should not have slipped into such a reference. Let not a single sentence be uttered on the part of one who pours oil on the fire by taking a precise approach in speech and action. Siddiqui said this is the most important responsibility that needs to be done to the organization now.

He was also instrumental in appointing Praveen Kumar as the Kozhikode DCC president, replacing the Group A nominee. The group was not considered in this regard. Like many others, he supported Praveen. I want to say this openly. T Siddique, who is also the KPCC working president, added that the support was based on the conviction that Praveen was the strongest person to lead the party in the district.

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His position as KPCC Working President is not a group appointment. The decision was taken considering Malabar politics as well. Leaders including Rahul Gandhi and AK Antony were present at the discussion. Siddiqui, however, said that he had come under heavy attack from within the party when he became the working president.

On Friday, Ramesh Chennithala had said that they did not use the language of arrogance when they came to power. “When we came to power, we did not speak in the language of arrogance. We tried to bring everyone together. Their leadership did not use the language of arrogance. He is the General Secretary and a member of the Working Committee of the AICC.

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Meanwhile, PS Prashant left the Congress and joined the CPM. He made it clear that he would sincerely fulfill any responsibility entrusted to him by the CPM. Prashant announced his political stance in the presence of CPM state secretary A Vijayaraghavan at the AKG Center. The CPM decided to work with the CPM as a party that promotes secularism by intervening in the affairs of the common man. The Congress and the High Command have become undemocratic. He said he would sincerely fulfill any responsibility entrusted to him by the CPM.

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