WorldDiyarbakir mothers who held a sit-in protest want their children

Diyarbakir mothers who held a sit-in protest want their children

The sit-in protest started on 3 September 2019 by families holding HDP responsible for the kidnapping of their children to the mountain continues on its 678th day.

Mother Hatice Ay, who took action for her son Muhammed, said she wanted to be reunited with her son, who was kidnapped at the age of 16 6 years ago.

Stating that his son is sick, Ay stated that he has not heard from his child for 6 years.

Ay said, “I will not leave here without my son. I want my son from the HDP. Thank God, mothers are reuniting with their children one by one. Mothers are happy. Hopefully, we will continue our action until the end.” said.

Ay called out to his son, “Son, come home. Children are coming one by one. Son, you come too, surrender to justice and the state.” used his statements.

Father Necmettin Biçer also stated that his daughter Gülcan was deceived and taken to the mountain 6 years ago.

Explaining that they want their children from HDP, Biçer said, “We will not leave here. We will definitely not leave here until the last child comes down from the mountain.” he said.

Biçer called on his daughter to surrender to the security forces.

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