Divyang with one leg, yet did amazing stunts, people admired for tremendous...

Divyang with one leg, yet did amazing stunts, people admired for tremendous balance

With the help of crutches, a disabled person showed amazing stunts, he will press his finger under his teeth

It is said that ‘if there is passion, life becomes easy’ these days a similar inspirational video is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, seeing which many people are getting encouraged. These days the craze of adventure sports is increasing rapidly on social media. Many content creators are being seen doing amazing feats on the internet. One such social media has dominated, which is forcing people to press their fingers under their teeth. Actually, in the video, a handicapped person is seen doing amazing stunts with the help of crutches. Seeing the video, people are getting fans of his tremendous balance.

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In the video, a handicapped man is seen doing stunts. In the video, the man can be seen first jumping from a height. During this, the person is seen making a wonderful balance as soon as he comes on the ground, showing his body in a surprising way by tossing his body in the air.

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The surprising thing is that the person is disabled with one leg, but despite that he is seen doing amazing stunts. In the video, the man jumps in full confidence with a stick for support in both his hands. After eating acrobatics in the air, as soon as he comes to the ground, the person stands up fast, balancing on one leg.

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Social media users have also been stunned to see this video becoming increasingly viral. Seeing the video, users are praising the person doing the stunt. Seeing the video, everyone seems to be a fan of the balance of the disabled person. The series of views and likes on the video continues.

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