WorldDivorced and then with whom does the pet live?

Divorced and then with whom does the pet live?

Lola Garcia, an animal welfare attorney, said: “This is a big change because traditionally, in separation or divorce cases, courts have had to recognize the animal as belonging to both. both sides. That is, we always use the ‘property’ criterion to try to divide the custody of animals. From now on, thanks to the change, the court has to determine which person is best for the animal to stay with and that will be based on the welfare of the animal.”

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The legal change will help couples gain joint custody of their pets. Previously, France and Portugal had made similar moves.


“In my opinion this is a good thing because it will help reduce cases of neglect and ill-treatment of animals. Now this is a big problem in Spain. I also think it will help people who still keep pets as part of their property to understand that they are living things, ”said Rodrigo Costalvilas, a psychologist.

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