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Discussion will be held on Joshi committee report, statement of Lok Sabha speaker on anti-defection law

New Delhi
Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said on Monday that the report of the CP Joshi committee on the anti-defection law has been received and after deliberating on it, he will request the government to change the sections of the law based on this. , bring their changes. Birla told reporters that in the earlier meeting held in Dehradun, many presiding officers had talked about limiting their unlimited powers.

It will be considered in the meeting of the presiding officers.
He said that the presiding officers had said that a situation of lack of transparency is being created due to this. In such a situation, a committee was formed to consider various aspects of the anti-defection law. It is worth mentioning that a committee was constituted for this under the chairmanship of Rajasthan Assembly Speaker CP Joshi. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha said that the report of the committee has been received and it will be considered in the presiding officers’ conference at Shimla.

construction work is going on 17 days behind
“After this we will request the government to bring changes in the sections of the law which need to be changed,” he said. Responding to a question about the vacancy of the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha, he said that the decision to choose the Deputy Speaker rests with the government. In response to a question regarding the construction of the new Parliament, Birla said that earlier the construction work was going behind 17 days due to Corona but now things have settled and this building will be ready on time.

Statement of Lok Sabha Speaker
He said that regular monitoring of construction work is being done for this. Replying to a question on the issue of non-attendance of Speaker, Rajya Sabha Chairman and Ministers in Parliament on the occasion of Children’s Day, the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Birla said that when he lives he must go and 2019. And went to the 2020 program. He said that in such a situation, while raising questions and tweeting, talking should not be done without information.