IndiaDiocese of Iringalakuda says concession for parishes will end on April 17

Diocese of Iringalakuda says concession for parishes will end on April 17

Thrissur: The diocese of Iringalakuda will end the concession for the parishes on April 17 in the controversy over the public Qurbana. After this, the diocese clarified that it would be illegal to offer sacrifices in parishes and parishes that do not offer the official Mass approved by the Synod of the Syro-Malabar Church.

Iringalakuda Diocese Bishop Mar Pauly Kannukkadan issued the notification regarding the dispute over the Qurbana. The diocese ended the exemption granted to temples in places where there were inconveniences or differences of opinion to implement the unified Holy Eucharist. The diocese has stated that the current exemption will be available only until Sunday, April 17.

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Earlier in the day, the clergy themselves came out in strong opposition to the reading of the epistle following the 1999 synod’s recommendation that the Mass be conducted in front of the altar. The recommendation was approved by the Vatican last July.

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The unified method is to have the introductory part of the Qurbana facing the people, the main part facing the altar and the last part facing the people. But the opposition argues that the practice, which has been going on for years, should not be subverted. They also demanded that the decision of the Synod not be implemented until there was a consensus on the issue.

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