TechnologyDigital transformation, electronic invoicing is essential for 3 out of 4 companies

Digital transformation, electronic invoicing is essential for 3 out of 4 companies

Among the Italian SMEs, more than 3 out of 4 companies consider electronic invoicing essential to digitize the company. According to the new survey released today by Aruba and Idc, 46% of companies that do not have the obligation of electronic invoicing use it anyway, the main interlocutors are over 71% other companies, 17% private citizens and almost 12 % Public administration. According to the study, more than 46% of SMEs send and receive between 10 and 100 electronic invoices monthly, almost 40% receive between 100 and 1000.

Aruba recalls that it was January 1, 2019 when the obligation of electronic invoicing was extended, through the 2018 Budget Law, to all subjects in possession of a VAT number, with the exception of those who operated under the minimum and flat-rate regime. Today there is only the green light from Europe for the extension until December 31, 2024 of its mandatory nature, and for the inclusion of VAT numbers in a flat-rate regime among the subjects to which the fulfillment can now be extended. “The achievements of electronic invoicing in these three years are commendable. As stated in the act of the European Commission, Italy has ‘fully achieved’ the set objectives, reducing the administrative costs of businesses and allowing them to save time, space and storage security “comments Gabriele Sposato, Marketing Director of Aruba, who adds:” Benefits also found by Italian SMEs who have understood how electronic invoicing is helping to create digital culture and how, more and more, it is proving to be an essential tool to monitor the pulse of the Italian economy in real time “.

But how is electronic invoicing encouraging the digitization process in our country? In research, the Italian cloud provider at the forefront of data center services, web hosting, e-mail, Pec and domain registration, and Idc, a global company specializing in market intelligence, advisory services and event organization in the digital and ICT, wanted to investigate “the level of adoption of electronic invoicing among Italian small and medium-sized enterprises”, involving a sample of 300 SMEs in the various sectors: Industry, Commerce, Finance, Professional Services, Personal Services and Local Public Administration. Furthermore, from the data that emerged from the survey, almost 75% of companies with up to 5 employees consider electronic invoicing to be essential for the digitization of their company, since it rises to 83% among SMEs with between 6 and 20 employees. that is, those that ensure higher invoice values.