India'Didn't know the colonel's family was with him', claimed the organization that...

‘Didn’t know the colonel’s family was with him’, claimed the organization that took responsibility for the Manipur terror attack


  • PLA Manipur and Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • Said- Security forces should not bring their families along in such a disturbed area
  • In the attack, 6 people including Colonel, wife and son of Assam Rifles were killed.

New Delhi
PLA Manipur and Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) have claimed responsibility for the attack on an army convoy in Manipur on Saturday. Both the militant outfits issued releases claiming that six people, including an Assam Rifles colonel and his family, were killed in their attack. According to media reports, in the release, the organizations have claimed that before the attack, they were not aware that the colonel’s wife and son were also with them in the squad.

alarm bells for security forces
Indian Army officials say that this attack was carried out in a well-planned and precise manner by the heavily armed insurgent group. Illegal Chinese-made weapons such as AK-47 assault rifles, machine guns, anti-tank mines and grenades are coming into Myanmar. With their help, the way for the rebel organization on the border is getting easier. This incident is an alarm bell for the Indian security forces.

Manipur Attack on Army Convoy: Used to go alone everyday, Col. Biplab Tripathi left for the check post with wife and son on Saturday… and this became the last journey
would have infiltrated into India from Myanmar border
A senior army officer said such an incident where family members have also been targeted, happened after a long time in the north-east. He said that all the insurgents would have potentially infiltrated into India from the Myanmar border. According to the military official, the attack will require a re-thinking of the strategy to deal with rebel groups in the northeast in general.

militants were sitting in ambush
The militant outfits said that the Indian security forces should not bring their families along in such a disturbed area. Militants ambushed an army convoy on Saturday near Sialsi village in Churachandpur district of Manipur. The incident took place at around 11.30 am when Colonel Biplab Tripathi, the commanding officer of the Assam Rifles, was returning from the Bihang co-post. Colonel Viplav along with his wife Anuja and five-year-old son Abir were also killed in the attack. Four jawans were also martyred in the attack in Singhat sub-division of Churachandpur district.

went on inspection as usual
The incident took place when Colonel Biplab Tripathi had gone out to inspect the check post as usual. It was part of his routine, but on Saturday his family was also there. Wife Anuja and son Viplav were also present in the vehicle with them when the militants first blasted and then fired daily, killing the entire family.

Blast blew up the first car of the convoy
First of all, there was a blast in the car going ahead in the convoy of the vehicles of Commanding Officer Colonel Biplab Tripathi. Colonel Tripathi himself was accompanied by his wife and son in the middle car. After the blast, the militants started firing on both the remaining vehicles. Colonel Viplav and his wife died on the spot. The son was seriously injured who died after treatment.
(Input-Times News Network)